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Sharebot Viking is a DLP 3d Printer with a large printing area and a series of resins available for all needs. Sharebot Viking presents itself as a ready-to-industries resin printer. Its applications range from jewelry to model making, from mechanics to prototyping. The wide range of resins gives the possibility to obtain finished models with the most varied structural characteristics, suitable for every sector of use and production. Easy to use, Sharebot Viking, comes with Pyramis, a print management software that ensures optimal model support. A polymerization chamber and an ultrasonic washing tank complete the solution.

A complete solution for every use.

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The Viking solution includes a custom-made polymerization chamber that allows post-curing, an operation necessary to ensure that the hardened models retain their structural characteristics. Thanks to Sharebot UCB (Ultraviolet Curing Box) it is possible to expose printed objects to ultraviolet light for a specific time, which can be set using the integrated touchscreen. The high concentration of UV guarantees a uniform and lasting yield. At the end of the curing process, the device will automatically switch off.12

DLP 3D Printer Sharebot Viking UCB


Sharebot DUC (Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner) completes the package, providing the possibility to take advantage of an ultrasonic washing tankable to remove the residual resin, not cured, at the end of printing. Thanks to the ultrasound cavitation principle it is possible to generate very high speed compression and depression waves which create inside the liquid (detergent) a multitude of gas bubbles which become larger as long as the acoustic depression phase lasts. The impact energy caused by the explosion of the gas bubble hits the surface of the object to be cleaned by interacting both physically and chemically. This cleaning process guarantees optimal results compared to traditional finishing methods.

DLP 3D Printer Sharebot Viking  DUC

Viking’s Resins for DLP 3D Printer

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resin dlp 3d printing
resin material dlp 3d printing
resin material dlp 3d printer
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The S–Wax, the castable resin with the highest content of real paraffin wax! From the light blue color, the castable among the 3D printing resins of Sharebot is perfect for jewelry making and for all those fields where melting and subsequent casting is necessary. With more than 30% wax content and zero carbon residue, S-Wax allows for clean, detailed castings.

Thanks to this characteristics, S-Wax is also exceptional for producing series productions through 3D printing and without having to produce a very expensive traditional mold for casting.

  • Color: Light Blue
resin for 3d pringting sharebot s wax
resin for dlp 3d printer ring
resin for 3d printer sharebot viking

Technical Specifications

TENSILE STRENGTH AT BREAKD-638-10/0330 MPa30 MPa47,3 MPa49 MPa40,5 +/- 5 MPa25 MPa
YOUNG’S MODULUSD-638-101750 MPa1750 MPa2310 MPa2560 MPa15720+/- 220 MPa1030 MPa
ELONGATION AT FAILURED-638-054%4%4,6%3,8%35,5 +/- 15%2,1%
FLEXURAL STRESS AT BREAKD-79035 MPa35 MPa71,04 MPa71,08 MPa24 +/- 4 MPa27,3 MPa
FLEXURAL MODULUSD-7902060 MPa2060 MPa2590 MPa2790 MPa651 +/- 150 MPa1130 MPa
IZOD IMPACT STRENGTHD-25622 J/m22 J/m27,6 J/m17,7 J/m
SHORESCALE D777781,7828264
COLORColorDark GreyWhiteTransparentLight GreyBlackLight Blue


Pyramis is the simplest, most intuitive and complete 3D printing system, able to better manage the parameters for 3D printing with DLP technology.

Pyramis software for dlp 3d printer Sharebot Viking
3D Printer DLP Pyramis 1
3D Printer DLP Pyramis 2

Pyramis also uses the graphics card processors (GPUs) in parallel, which make the whole process extremely fast and efficient.

It has been designed to optimally manage the positioning of the object to be printed on the work surface, to automatically create specific bases and supports for the application with resins. Its advanced features allow automatic generation of supports and the ability to modify and customize them. Pyramis sets all parameters in a totally automatic way, leaving the “expert” users, however, the possibility to intervene on them.


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