Sharebot NG

Sharebot NG, Next Generation, is a professional and economic 3D printer available from €1500. Sharebot NG is based on FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) 3D printing technology.

The 3D printer is a working tool for professionals; it is a solid, Made in Italy and easy to use machine that can be used in many different working areas. This is the third generation 3D printers produced by Sharebot thanks its great experience and know-how and it is designed to be used by professionals looking for a great reliability printer.

Sharebot NG has an integrated heated printing plate with a 250x200x200 mm building area with a 0.04 mm nozzle: this features allow to work with different filaments like PLA-S (special PLA material developed by Sharebot, economic and easy to use), ABS-HF (a strong and professional-oriented ABS filament) and technical materials like Nylon-Carbon (charged with nylon and carbon, strong and resistant), TPU (a polyurethane, elastic and with memory form) and Poly.

Sharebot NG has an LCD screen dedicated to the printer operation management: once the SD card is inserted, the user can set up or modify any printing setting and mange the printing process thanks to the smart control knob.

The 3D printer is available in two model: mono or double extruder. The double extruder allows to print with two different materials on the same prototype, giving to the professional user the possibiliy to mix filaments with different features. Sharebot Academy has a wide choice of 3D printing courses dedicated to learn all the Sharebot NG secrets so that the user can understand how to use the printer correctly.

Sharebot NG has the CE certification and it is Made in Italy.

Technical Details

  • Machine size: 450X450X410 mm
  • Building area: Mono-extruder: 250 x 200 x 200 mm
  • Building area: Bi-extruder: 180 x 200 x 200 mm
  • Resolution Z: 50 Micron

Supported filaments: PLA, ABSOLUTE, TPURE (sh 98)



Desktop 3D printerstrong>Sharebot Next Generation is the ideal tool for schools and young students who want to start their path with 3D printing technology with an easy to use, open source, crafty 3D printer. NG is based on an Arduino motherboard and it’s fully compatible with all the main 3D printing softwares.

The printer can be installed in every environment and will tranform your desk (or class) into a personal creation center, allowing you to realize projects and prototypes in just few hours. The user can modifty and customize all the main printing parameters and it’s fully compatible with many filament thanks to the heated printing bed.

Sharebot NG

Rapid Prototyping – 3D printing bow for professional sports

Paolo Sabbioni, founder of AT Sport, realizes in carbon fiber Olympic and paralympic bows with a tubular structure dedicated to high level athletes, like the Italian archers who took part at Beijing Olympic Games in 2008 achieving brilliant results (the team made up of 3 athletes, Ilario Di Buò, Marco Galiazzo and Mauro Nespoli, gains a silver medal in the final) and at London Paralympic Games in 2012 (Oscar De Pellegrin won the gold medal in individual competition).

Paolo Sabbioni has designed all the different variations of Fiberbow using a 3D software and an analysis of completed elements: at a later stage, the bow will be realized adding different slices of pre-impregnated carbon fiber shaped through a mold in the form of autoclave. The riser is lighter, twisting resistant and able to increase the speed of the arrow which is coming out from the bow.

Sharebot NG

Rapid Prototyping – Idkit: 3D printed toys

Adama Shillito, creative director and founder of Idkid, a company specialized in toys design, began to print 3D prototypes a year ago, when he decided to buy a Sharebot NG 3D printer. Always interested in research of innovative technologichal solutions which allow to add the perfect functionality to a good design, Adam Shillito has printed more than 100 pieces and 20 real toys.

Thanks to 3D FFF technology Idkid has realized a lot of prototypes for different categories of moving toys: push scooters, tricycle, trucks, tractors and escavators, printing the wheels directly with Sharebot NG.

Nhờ công nghệ FFF 3D Idkid đã tạo ra rất nhiều nguyên mẫu in phù hợp cho các loại đồ chơi di chuyển khác nhau: xe đẩy, xe ba bánh, camion, máy kéo và máy bay, in trực tiếp bánh xe với Sharebot NG.

Sharebot NG