Your personal center of creation. Suitable for every desktop, every workbench and every lab.

Sharebot Rover is a professional resin 3D printer with high precision and high printing definition. It permits to realise 3D models, samples and prototypes through a rapid and efficient 3D printing process.

Small and compact, Sharebot Rover is the ideal working tool for every desktop and every office and it can be integrated in every working environment and every workflow because of its user-friendliness and its short lead time.

Sharebot Rover prints with a range of photosensitive resins with different technical properties developed by our R&D department. Sharebot’s resins coupled with the excellent printing resolution, make Sharebot Rover the professional tool useful for different qualified sectors and working environments.

Sharebot Rover allows to manage printing process and print queue through Sharebox3D web interface. The user can get to different parameters: elapsed printing time, total estimated printing time, layer technical specifications, total number of layers and completion percentage.

Technical Details

Machine size18,1 x 13,9 x 7,87 in
Weight33 lbs
Building area2,45 x 4,52 x 3,93 in
Resolution XY47 Micron
Resolution Z20-100 micron

SHAREBOT ROVER: performing resins, high precision

Rapid prototyping

Mechanical engineering application:
fan prototype made with S-CLEAR, S-TOUGH, S-RIGID resin to test size, proportions and costs of the final product.