About In3DS Join stock Company

In3DS join stock company is specialist for 3D printer, 3D Filaments and the the solutions for 3D printing technology in Vietnam. We understand, analyse many 3d printer manufactures, working together with them, know the weaknesses and strengths of each 3D printers on the market and using theses expertise to chose for our customers the best individual solutions. We have a wide supplier network in 3d printing technology in Vietnam and have many customers from north to south of Vietnam. have We are official partner of the following brands:

Our Vision

In3DS is and will be the best specialist in Vietnam about the 3D printing technology, with best knowledge about 3D printer manufactures and 3D printing solutions on the market. With these knowhow we should support our customer, the industries in Vietnam to be stronger, bigger, and support the 3D Printing Industry in Vietnam tobe more productive and efficient.

Our missions

To reach our vision, we are working hard day by day to:

  • Extend our knowhow, analysing the 3D Printing products, solutions on the markets.
  • Working hard hand in hand with our clients to understand the their problems and together design with them the best solutions.
  • Provide our customers the high quality products, best services.