Cetus3D MK3 is a customizable 3D Printer. A minimalist, modularized printer that simply works.

High Modularity

3 x Axis Modules

As a truly essential system, the body is made of aluminum extrusions,and the machine is simplified into only six modules

Máy in 3d giá rẻ 6 modules
Built from 6 modules

Heated Build Plate

Optional high power heated build plate and perforated print board to support more difficult-to-print materials. eg ABS

Auto Calibration Probe

True-touch auto calibration measure the platform leveling and nozzle height in a single process. The printer is level in form of 9 point matrix and make sure the best dimensional accuracy and first layer adhesion.

V2 Hotend

Compare to the current version, this hotend will able to use steel nozzles for printing abrasive material and support softer materials. It supports all Cetus printers ( MK1,2,3), just swap out the old hotend to upgrade!

Open Source CPU

A neat solution by Tinyfab, this CPU converts MKIII into a complete open source 3D printer running Smoothieware firmware. What does that mean? Think of running Windows on Mac. It will gave native support of Gcode and control printer via popluar reprap based softwares like Simplify3D, Slic3R, Cura, Octoprint and more.

Touch-screen Control (Coming Soon)

A 4.3″ full color touchs-creen control with Plug and play installation. let you control the printer without a computer and see the printer status in real time.

3 Nozzle Options 0.2mm / 0.4mm / 0.6mm

With Optimized Preset Profiles

Support a large variety of materials:

PLA, PET, PETG, TPU, TPE, PVA, Wood-filled, ABS*, ASA*, HIPS*, PP*, PC*, PA/Nylon*, Metal-filled**, Fiber-filled**

* Represents heated bed is required.
**Represents Steel Nozzle is suggested to use

Video Installation Guide

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