The biggest professional 3D printer High performance and precision with a unique printing volume

Sharebot XXL Plus

Sharebot XXL Plus is a professional 3D printer with a large building volume: it’s the upgrade of the successful Sharebot XXL; like its parent, Sharebot XXL Plus uses the FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) technology to build big size prototypes and models. XXL Plus has the same external dimensions of XXL and the same innovative design. The printing area is larger, 720 x 250 x 200 mm and it introduces a new heating system for the printing bed.

The printer also has a new X and Y axes calibration system (the Y axis now has two independent engines) which allows to have a more precise printing process for high quality models and prototypes: this makes XXL Plus even more suitable for professional than its predecessor. Our technicians also added a new levelling system for the Z axis for a more stable process. Sharebot XXL Plus needs low maintenance and it’s ready to print in just few minutes: throught the easy, intuitive and nice interface you’ll be in full control of all the printing process with the possibily to adjust and motify all the printing setting set in the slicing software.

The filament presence detector was renewed to give to all the professional users a better tool to optimize their printing process and their workflow. The detector allows to pause the process when the filament end, so that the user does not loose all his work that has already been printed. Sharebot XXL Plus also offers the possibility to print many new materials like the exclusive ABSolute® and Sharebot WOOD.


Technical Details

  • Machine size: 955 X 470 X 445 mm – 38kg
  • Building area: 705 X 250 X 200 mm
  • Resolution Z: 0,1 mm


Design – 3D project PLABS

Sharebot XXL Plus

PLABS is a fully 3D printed stool which shows a new application for 3D printing in design field: the technology allows to realize the prototype but you can also realize a functional model dedicated to the market and that’s completely customizable.

The concept behind PLABS is very interesting: it shows how 3D printing could help designer to revolutionize their workflows, giving them professional tools dedicated to shape their ideas in just few hours. The technology allows to print an object, correct any error and print the final project, helping to save time and costs. Even the design process changes: designers can design even the strangest shapes, because 3D printing will realize them.


Sharebot XXL Plus

Sharebot XXL Plus is a professional tool for architects who look for an advanced solution ready to be installed in their offices and workflows.

XXL Plus offers a lot advantages to architects who wants to use 3D printing for their projects and mockups: it’s easy to use, big printing size, high speed and great precision.


Sharebot XXL Plus

Sharebot XXL Plus for professional modeling can be used to create prototypes and model for manufacturing that can be inserted in every professional workflow, help saving time and cost to produce models. All the models realized with Sharebot XXL Plus can be easily modified after the printing process.