iSLA-350 Stereolithography 3D Printer is developed by SHINING3D, which is professional in 3D printing technology. The system is user friendly, high stability, free maintenance and perfect printing result.


High Accuracy

  • 0.05-0.2mm, improving the accuracy and reducing the reprocessing;
  • Ultraviolet laser will focus automatically, the facula diameter is less than 0.15mm;
  • Accuracy calibration automatically makes sure the better quality of prototyping.

High Resolution

  • Smooth surface (ra<0.1um)
  • Can create any complicated components (such as hollow parts)
  • Symmetrical coating

Automatic and intelligent

  • Highly automatically processing and simple reprocessing.
  • Can remote control in the same local area network
  • Voice and SMS remind
  • Online laser inspection with auto-setting parameter; auto scanning path; liquid level auto control.

Various Material Available for Diļ¬€erent Applications

  • Transparent, opaque, high-strength, thermostable photosensative resin materials are all available.
  • Users can choose for preference.